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A unique terroir

Grapes on the vines before harvest
The concept of terroir is based on three interacting factors: soil type, climate and grape varieties; all three are inextricably interconnected.

Download the soil map of La ConseillanteSoil plays a decisive role in the making of great wines. At La Conseillante it is mostly clay with some gravel, under which there is a sub-soil containing iron deposits (crasse de fer).

The estate enjoys a temperate oceanic climate, the variability of which influences the style of the vintage. A combination of remarkably long periods of sunshine with favourable rainfall creates the conditions for optimal vine growth.

80% of the vineyard is made up Merlot, said to be the black pearl of great Pomerol wines. It brings roundness, fullness and smoothness to the wines. The remaining 20%, which grows mainly on gravel soils, is Cabernet Franc, which contributes freshness and structure to the blend.

To be sure that La Conseillante's typicity is preserved, replanting is phased in on a gradual basis. An average age of the vines of around 30 years is carefully maintained.