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New high-performing facilities

The new vat cellar
The new vat cellar
The new vat cellar
The new vat cellar
The new vat cellar
The barrel cellar: view over two vintages
The barrel cellar: interplay of light
The barrel cellar: reflections
The vat cellar was designed by Bernard Mazières, whose savoir-faire in winery creations is well recognised.

The style of the new cellar, which was used for the first time for the 2012 vintage, was inspired by the traditional right bank vat cellar, combining simplicity and sobriety and the use of noble materials, such as stone, timber and brushed metal.

It is very bright and faces the vineyard with large horizontal windows affording extensive views over the vines both from the vat cellar itself and from the first floor, where offices, a meeting room and a tasting room have been built.

With its oval-shaped design, the vat cellar is spacious and enables cellar tasks for the 22 epoxy-lined concrete vats to be organised and carried out in the smoothest way possible. Wider and lower, these vats allow a naturally greater contact between the cap of skins and the must during the vinification. Their number and the capacity of each vat have been calculated to correspond as closely as possible to the surface areas of the vineyard's plots. Each plot is therefore attributed a specific vat. The access hatches on the top of the vats are wide and centrally positioned for optimal soaking of the cap during pump-overs. The way in which the vat cellar was designed also enables the building to be accessed easily and for logistical operations to function smoothly:

  • The harvest reception line, which is incorporated entirely within the new building, runs to the centre of the vat cellar, and the transfer of berries into the vats is done using mobile equipment which is gentler on the fruit and easy to position next to each vat.
  • The flow of people and materials and access between the vat cellar and the barrel cellar have been enhanced.
  • The vat cellar is also an ideal venue for dinners and tastings, extending its use beyond just the vinification period.
  • A tasting room overlooking the vineyard and vat cellar is ideally located for welcoming wine professionals.